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Epilation is a permanent hair removal process that is done normally through laser removal of body hair. This cosmetic treatment is much safer than other body hair removal methods like hair plucking, waxing, epilation devices, threading, sugaring, electrology, and intense pulsed light. Still, epilation is generally decided on social, cultural, and sexual reasons, which would vary widely from one individual to another and from area to another. Whether you wish to have a clean shaven face, sport a mustache, or a beard is your individual preference.

Epilation is not normally resorted to by men, since they generally shave the hair growth regularly. However, women who have hair growth on their face, body, hands, and/or legs would like to resort to epilation, since it is traditionally believed that women should have a clean, hairless, smooth body. Hair in the body of men had been accepted as a macho factor. However, some men might not have hair growth on the other parts of the body except the face. They would have smooth hairless body.

Several women like men without hair on their body. Hence, men who wish to marry or live with such women would also need to resort to epilation. Laser removal of hair is the best method for men and women who wish to have body hair removal as a cosmetic treatment. Many men and women resort to hair removal in their pubic parts also, which is again an individual preference. This kind of epilation is common among adult film males and females. Of late, epilation of the hair on the head to sport a shaved and bald look is also becoming a fashion in certain places. In a few countries like India, widowed women should compulsorily undergo hair removal on the head in certain communities, though this practice had been slowly disappearing..

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Plastic Surgery Your Procedure Procedure Animation

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