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Ear Surgery Procedure

The surgery called otoplasty and it is targeted to correct protruding or large outer ears. It is usually done in children ages 4-14. The ear reaches it`s final size around ages 4-6 and therefore it is better to perform the surgery at a younger age to avoid unnecessary suffering. Additional conditions which can be corrected are "lop ear" in which the upper ear is folded and leans forward, "cupped ear" in which the outer ears are unusually small and "shell ear" in which there is flattening of the folds resulting in a shell like ear. Long, short or torn ear lobes also can be fixed. This operation can repair congenital ear defects and make reconstruction of the outer ear after trauma.

The operation usually lasts between 1-3 hours; more complex procedures may last even longer. A cut is made behind the ear, making it invisible, to allow excess to ear cartilage. Then the surgeon will design the cartilage using cuts and sutures to get the desired shape. Sometimes non-absorbable stitches are used in order to create fold, those stitches will be under the skin and there is no need to remove them. A few surgeons prefer to make the cut in front of the ear and hide the scar behind the skin folds. In most of the cases the scar fades with time and is hardly seen. Both ears can be corrected in the same operation.

For younger children general anesthesia is preferred, for cooperative adults it can be done using local anesthetics and sedative drugs. Every operation has its risk. There is risk of blood clots under the scar area which usually absorb after few days; otherwise there is a need to drain then. There is a risk of infection involving the ear cartilage which can leave a scar. Those infection can be treated successfully with antibiotics in most of the cases and rarely require surgical drainage.

After the surgery a majority of the adults can return to their homes, young children usually left overnight for observation. The ears are bandaged with a bandage around the head to prevent bleeding and preserve the final shape. The ears will be swollen and painful for a couple of days. It is advised to avoid any activities that can harm the ears for about a month. Children should pay extra attention while playing. You shouldn`t sleep on the repaired ear for about 7-10 days

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What are the various risks that might arise during Ear Surgery?
The ear surgery is one of the face procedures with minimal risks involved. However, cosmetic surgeons at GR(Greece) say that at times there are risks that arise due to the adverse reaction to anesthesia, infection and excessive scarring. If you want to get this cosmetic procedure done without falling prey to any of these risks, then engage the services of well qualified doctors who come highly recommended

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