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Ear Pinning - What Is It?

Ear pinning is medically termed as otoplasty or pinnaplasty. When the ears stick out prominently, they are called as ‘bat ears’. This condition is not at all a physical problem but it might spoil the overall appearance of the face. Grown up persons might feel embarrassed in social circles and children might be teased by other children, if they have big ears. The most common treatment to correct prominent ears is ear pinning. In this face procedure, the cartilage or the gristly tissue in the ears is reshaped. Plastic stitches are used to pin the ears back.

Ear Pinning - How Is It Done?

When the anesthetic had taken effect, the plastic surgeon would make small incisions behind the ear for exposing the cartilage. The cartilage would be reshaped and specially designed plastic stitches are done for holding the ear back in the new position. In certain patients, some amount of cartilage could be removed. Sometimes, the cartilage could be folded back and the stitches done for holding the ear in the new position. Finally, dissolvable sutures are done for closing the cuts in the ear. This process is repeated for the other ear also.

Ear Pinning - After the Surgery:

Usually, a tight bandage would be wrapped around the head to cover both the ears and protect them while they heal. Painkillers might be needed for the first few days. The instructions by the surgeon for taking care of the ears and bathing procedures should be strictly followed. The bandages and the stitches would be removed in one or two weeks. Since the bandage would affect your hearing, you might avoid going to work or school until the bandage is removed. There would be some amount of itching until the ears heal completely but you should not scratch them under any circumstance, as this might lead to infection or delay the healing.

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Plastic Surgery Your Procedure Procedure Animation

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