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Dimple Creation in NY (New York) - What Is It?

Is there anybody in the world who does not like dimpled cheeks? It is a lovely sight when somebody smiles and a cute dimple is formed. However, very few persons have a natural dimple when they smile. However, plastic surgery technology had advanced so much that it is quite easy to create a dimple. As such, there is a huge demand now for surgically created dimples both from women and from men. The results of this cosmetic procedure are permanent.

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Dimple Creation in NY (New York) - How Is It Done?

A skilled plastic surgeon would administer a local anesthetic at first. When the anesthetic takes effect, the surgeon would make an incision inside the mouth and carefully create a small depression in the cheek muscle. Once the desired level of depression had been created, the surgeon would close the incision with appropriate sutures. Since the incision is done inside the mouth, there would not be any visible scars. The entire dimple surgery would take about 30 minutes to an hour.

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How long will the results of the face procedures last?
It is important for people to understand that the results of the face procedures are not permanent. They are temporary and last only for a specific time period. In most cases, as a person begins to age, the effects of the face procedures tend to diminish. However, there are some surgeons at NY(New York) who can perform the procedures so well that the results tend to stay on for at least 10 years.

Dimple Creation in NY (New York) - After the Surgery:

However, the patient would have swelling in the mouth area for one or two weeks. A liquid diet during this period would be ideal since chewing could be painful. The mouth should be rinsed regularly for a few days with oral antiseptic solutions to avoid infection. The patient would be able to move out of the hospital the same day after a few hours of rest. The patient could resume normal daily routine after about 10-15 days. Dimple creation had become a simple cosmetic procedure at present. Dimple creation could be performed on any kind of cheek, whether lean or chubby.

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If the patient desires a prominent dimple, the surgeon would resort to a larger punch biopsy for removing a bigger portion of soft tissue. Since the skin is left intact, the place where the tissues had been removed would attain a cylindrically shaped defect. The dimple surgery should be a controlled process with a preconceived plan for best results.

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