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Dermabrasion Procedure

This method uses mechanical scraping in order to make the skin smoother by removing the superficial layers. Modern techniques and special electrical devices are used today. These can smoothen the skin scars which were caused by accidents, burns and acne. The aim of this technique is to smoothen the skin to a homogenous appearance which eliminates the height differences causes by sunken and protruding scars. As in chemical peeling, dermabration also removes the outer layers. The difference is that while peeling is being spread all over the surface, dermabration is applied to specific areas therefore better control on the depth of penetration is achieved.

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North Dakota Regions North Dakota regions
Badlands: Billings, Bowman, Golden Valley, McKenzie, and Slope counties.

Scars resulting from acne usually create small (2-3mm) craters. They usually appear on oily skin, which reacts poorly to chemical peeling, therefore, dermabration is the treatment of choice.

This method is not suitable for all parts of the body. It is usually used for treating the face, however, not every part of the face can be scraped, for example: the eyelids have a very thin and delicate skin that cannot be dermabrated.

Dermabration cannot make the scars completely disappear, it only blurs them and makes them look similar to the surrounding surface. If the scar is protruding, that would make it look more flat. If the scar is sunken, that would make the surface around look more flat.

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The NPSA has reported that the WHO World Alliance for Patient Safety has embarked on the second year of an international programme of safety solutions development through the work of the WHO Collaborating Centre on Patient Safety Solutions. The NPSA is therefore raising awareness of a consultation process which is currently underway, and interested parties are invited to comment on one or more of the draft solutions covering the areas of: • Communicating critical test results; • Central venous catheter infections; • Prevention of falls; • Preventing pressure ulcers; • Deteriorating patients. The consultation period ends 29 February 2008. More...

The procedure takes from a few minutes up to 90 minutes, depending on the area involved. People from all age groups may be candidates for this procedure.

The healing process depends on patient`s age, skin color and type, as well as other medical conditions. The surgeon uses a device called a dermatome which has an electric blaze that moves very fast while removing the outer skin layers.

Every procedure has its risks. The most common phenomenon is pigmentation changes, either to brighter or to darker color. Others include scar creation, usually caused by over-scraping (therefore many surgeons prefer to repeat the treatment several times). Tiny white spots can appear on your skin. It usually disappears, either by themselves or by using a sponge. Infection may also be possible.

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Do I need to prepare for Dermabrasion?
Before subjecting you to any skin resurfacing technique, your doctor in ND(North Dakota) will take you through the pretreatment phase. You will need to apply certain creams, gels and lotions for a certain amount of time. At times, you might also need to take some oral medication before skin resurfacing is done. 

After the treatment your skin will be reddish and swollen. That will disappear within a few days. It takes some time to see the final results. The most important thing is to avoid sun exposure, chlorinated water and any activity which may harm the area. Take the necessary precausions according to your surgeon`s instructions.

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