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Decrease Lip Size - What Is It?

If you think that your lips are too large and wish to decrease lip size, Cheiloplasty or lip reduction through proper plastic surgery is the most effective method. However, certain chemical compounds like Botulinum toxin could also be effective in reducing the size and volume of the lips. First, the lip volume should be assessed. Then the desired amount of the pharmaceutical preparation is carefully administered to the lip retractors or the orbicularis oris muscle. This pharmaceutical preparation is administered through transmucosal injection, multifocal injection, or transcutaneous injection.

Decrease Lip Size - How Is It Done?

The pharmaceutical preparation, when injected into the retractors of the lips and into the orbicularis oris muscle, produces a denervative state. The striated muscle tissue in the lip undergoes atrophy and shrinks by about 35%. The lips become marginally deflated but the soft tissue structures do not change. Lip ectropion and exposure of mucous membrane could also be reduced in this process.

However, enough data is not available to prove how successful or safe is the injection of pharmaceutical preparations in lip reduction. This type of lip procedure could have harmful side effects. Cheiloplasty, in which the skin strips or fat tissues are carefully removed by the surgeon in a controlled manner, is the ideal solution to decrease lip size. The surgeon should be able to assess the present shape and size of the lips and the amount of reduction that the patient wishes to achieve. Based on past experience, the surgeon would remove the exact amount of skin strips or fat tissues to achieve the desired result.

In certain cases, injectable lip fillers that were used to increase the size of the lips could be the cause for bigger lips if higher doses of such fillers had been administered. In such situations, enzymes like Hyaluronidase could be used to dissolve the fillers by mixing the enzyme with local anesthetic and injecting the solution into the area where excessive filler exists.

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