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How to choose a good Cosmetic Surgeon - Introduction

Cosmetic Surgery or plastic surgery is concerned with the correction or restoration of form and function of the body. Cosmetic surgery, more often than not, involves procedures termed as elective surgical procedures. These, unfortunately, are rarely covered by insurance. Thus, one can hardly afford the costs involved in undergoing such a procedure.

The Alternative

But recently people have discovered a way out which is called Medical Tourism or a Surgery Vacation. This involves flying abroad to a country which charges are much lower for these procedures that can dent your pocket back home. The service, when chosen with care, is on par with services in your home country. Coupling this with a vacation to that destination is common these days. Hence, this concept is termed as surgery vacation.


These countries are usually Third World countries with slightly lower economies and lower cost of living. Hence the cheap costs. These countries usually have skilled plastic surgeons and help you save a lot of money, have a surgery and couple it with a vacation. The question that remains to be answered is, of course, what are the precautions to be taken?

Get recommendations

When you are planning on choosing a surgeon yourself, then, take recommendations from your friends. Some might already have undergone a surgical procedure and liked the experience. Ask them to recommend surgeons and places to you. They will always have some valuable advice. If you know any medical staff, a doctor or a nurse, ask them for their suggestions. If they are in this field for a long time, they might have some valuable insights to share with you.

Check the cosmetic surgeon credentials. It is very important to check his training and education. Where did he complete his training? Is he an accredited cosmetic surgeon? Has he specialised in Cosmetic Surgery? These cosmetic surgery courses involve intense class room training in addition to four to five years of training in hospitals after medical school.

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Try to find a cosmetic surgeon who is board-certified. This is a phrase which you will hear a lot if you are considering plastic surgery. Which are the boards you must be looking for? Try to find a cosmetic surgeon accredited by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. If he is accredited then you can be rest assured that he is a good cosmetic surgeon and you can go ahead without any inhibitions.
Medical Tourism has a lot of potential. Take the required care and precautions and enjoy a fruitful experience.

Plastic Surgery Your Procedure Procedure Animation

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