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Correction of Breast Asymmetry Procedure

A slight breast asymmetry is very common, when the asymmetry is very remarkable you might want to correct the asymmetry. The correction can be done either by augmentation of the smaller breast or reduction of the large one. The decision between the options is made together with the surgeon, depending on your anatomy and the degree of asymmetry.

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You should be above age 18, not nursing or pregnant and in good general health to undergo the correction.

If you`re going through the augmentation procedure, the surgeon will make the incision in your armpit, around the nipple or under the breast fold. Then he`ll separate the skin from the breast tissue in order to insert the implants. The insertion can be above or below the chest muscles. Most of the implants today are filled with silicon and come in different sizes and shapes.

The reduction procedure involves a vertical incision from the nipple down and a horizontal incision below the breast fold. The extra fat is removed using a liposuction and the breast size is adjusted to the other one.

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The length of each procedure depends on the degree of asymmetry and procedure technique. After the surgery you`ll have bandages around your chest, sometimes a drainage tube is also placed to avoid blood and fluid collection. Breast augmentation stretches the tissue, therefore there may be a significant amount of pain after the surgery, especially during the first 48 hours. Painkiller antibiotics and anti inflammatory drugs are often prescribed.

Breast reduction involves a larger scar but it goes through less sensitive areas, therefore the pain is less and can be easily treated with painkillers.

Every procedure has its risks. Augmentation may result is implant contraction, rupture of the filling, the implant may move and nipple sensation may be lost. Reduction is usually safe, but can cause bleeding, infection and delayed healing.

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What You Should Know before Deciding on having Correction Of Breast Asymmetry?
The prospect that this type of plastic surgery in New York(NY) can work wonders tempts people to go under the knife at least once. However, there are a few points that you will need to consider before reaching the surgery table in New York(NY). First of all, you have to ensure that you are mentally and emotionally prepared to undergo breast procedures you need. You should have realistic expectations and understand the results are not going to be permanent.

Expect to feel tired and sore during the first 48-72 hours. You`ll be able to go to work after a week or so, but you should avoid strenuous activities for up to 6 weeks. Complete recovery usually takes 2 month. Until then expect that your scars will be pink and sensitive for 6 weeks, then they`ll begin to fade. It is normal for your breasts to be swollen for 3-4 weeks.

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