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Cosmetics can do wonders on our face. Not all of us have the perfect look, and we are not game to go through major surgeries that could make us look so. The only option left ahead of us instead is to use the cosmetics to our advantage, to make those quick fixes that will make us feel less conscious and more outgoing.

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concealer in New York City NY (New York) - Understanding the concealer

Concealer is one such miracle cosmetic that can make the skin look close to flawless, based on how well one applies it. Concealers are meant to conceal the patches on our face. This fact has of course paved way for a debate of whether the concealer should be applied first or the foundation! The answer is that there is no right and wrong to this question. What suits your skin best is the answer that you can safely assume is right.

concealer in New York City NY (New York) - Not with your hands!

A use of concealer would certainly have to be done with the right concealer brushes, sponge brush at the least. You must be tactful in using them so they conceal the patches well and do not give a hint of the quick fix in any manner.

concealer in New York City NY (New York) - Utmost care

Care has to be taken while applying the concealer. Make sure you do not rub it against your face as this may leave your skin in a damaged state. Concealers are to be simply dabbed on the patches and not rubbed against your skin.

While you can be generous with the application of the foundation, concealers are meant to be used sparingly.

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