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Collagen - What Is It?

Cosmetic collagen treatment is aimed at removing wrinkles and scars in the face and for overall skin rejuvenation. Collagen is basically a fibrous protein. The cosmetic collagen procedure is done with collagen derived from cows or humans. Collagen is dermal filler. Over time, collagen breaks down and is absorbed by our body. The effect of collagen face procedure generally lasts up to a maximum of 6 months, depending on the individual and the area of implant. When the effect of collagen had ended, the face procedure should be repeated again. This collagen face procedure should be done only by a qualified plastic surgeon, well versed in plastic surgery and Botox cosmetic treatments..

Collagen - How Is It Done?

For collagen face procedure, the plastic surgeon would wash your face and clean it at the outset. After drying the face, the plastic surgeon would apply a local antiseptic to the site of collagen injection. Then the surgeon would inject a mixture of collagen, saline water, and local anesthetic in small quantities under the skin. The surgeon would massage the injected area so that the collagen is evenly distributed under the skin.

Collagen - After the Surgery:

After a collagen face procedure, you might feel some tenderness in the skin or some swelling for the first few days but these would automatically subside. Heavy exercising and drinking alcohol should be avoided for a week or two after the face procedure. You should not expose your face to sunlight as far as possible. It would be advisable to use a good sunscreen for protecting the skin of your face from the sun for the first few weeks.

Certain persons might be allergic to local anesthesia and they would be advised by the plastic surgeon against any collagen injection face procedures. A few people might be allergic to bovine collagen also. Hence, the collagen face procedure should be undertaken only after consulting a qualified plastic surgeon, with adequate knowledge about plastic surgery and Botox treatments.

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