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The need of circumcision in most cases is based on culture, religion, and tradition in California (CA). Some religion, particularly Islam, Coptic Christianity and Judaism have their various views about its importance. However, some people have raised claims and debate on its barbarism involving the subjection of newly born infants to extreme pains, both physically and psychologically, just because the parents won’t let go of their old beliefs.

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Here is some General Information about California:

California History

The state of California was home to thirty different tribal groups prior to the arrival of European explorers in the 1500's. The Spanish were the first European power to build a settlement in California, establishing twenty-one missions in the state by the late 1700's. Many of these missions survive today, with examples including the mission in Santa Barbara.

After the Mexican War for Independence in 1821 California became a part of Mexico, and remained a part of that country until it was annexed by the United States in 1847 following the Mexican-American War. In 1848 the discovery of gold in the Sierra Nevada mountains kicked off the California Gold Rush, and the state's non-native population surged from 15,000 to over 300,000 within two years, resulting in statehood for California in 1850.

During the 1900's the state population increased steadily, and today California is the most populous state in the United States with over 33 millions residents.

However circumcision has evolved from the domestic routine for a newly born child to a standard procedure that is ardently learned and practiced by professionals in the medical field. In the medical line circumcision has been more useful other than to improve the appearance of an individual. It is used as a surgical therapy for phimosis, paraphimosis (whereby the foreskin of the penis entirely covers the anterior portion and difficult to retract) and balanitis (enlargement of the penis due to infection).

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Nevertheless it’s most common usage in improving the appearance and facilitating social acceptance has been the primary reason most surgeons carry out this procedures, for it is not advisable to allow the domestic hands to tamper with the delicate penile tissues. Its importance has also been debated among men, for it is believed that it facilitates penile enlargement.

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Circumcision is excision of the penile foreskin. It is usually done in the newborn babies before they leave the hospital. It involves the use of a local anaesthesia (xylocaine) to numb the skin as the Ring-type clamp and tourniquet is applied to reduce the bleeding while the foreskin is carefully cut away. The clamp may be metal or plastic-like which falls away after some few days after the procedure.

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In older male children, this procedure is carried out under general anaesthesia. Here. The foreskin is removed and stitched to the remaining part of the penis. Absorbable sutures are used in this case, in which they will blend with the skin after a while of healing.

Conversely, there has been body procedure that involves restoration of the foreskin, wherby a skinflap is created that will cover the frontal aspect of the shaft.

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