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Chin Implants - What Is It?

Chin augmentation plastic surgery is adopted to balance the facial structure. Weak chin due to congenital deficiency or bone resorption due to age is corrected in this novel chin procedure. Even distorted chins that had undergone facial trauma are corrected in this special face procedure. The simplest chin procedure is to inject tissue augmentation filler as a temporary solution. For permanent face procedures, silicone chin implants and Porex chin implants are used. In complicated cases, genioplasty might be done.

Chin Implants - How Is It Done?

Weak chin is likely to make a normal nose look larger and prominent noses would appear even larger. Some persons might appear to have a fleshy neck due to weak chin. Similarly, a prominent chin might make the face look unbalanced. Chin enhancement with implants is a simple face procedure. Still, chin augmentation plastic surgery does have certain risks. Complication could occur in certain cases. Post-operative infections like Staphylococcus are the most common problems in many cases. This could be avoided by washing the face and the neck with anti-bacterial soaps and solutions for about a week before the plastic surgery.

Chin Implants - After the Surgery:

The numbness in the chin and the lips after this chin procedure normally subsides in 2-3 weeks after the implants are placed in the chin. If you have numbness after 3-4 weeks, you should immediately consult the surgeon. People with bone disorders and recession of the jaws should not opt for chin augmentation face procedure. The cost of chin procedure varies widely between regions and countries. The plastic surgery cost would include the fee of the surgeon, the fee of the anesthesiologist, the hospital, lab, and operation room charges, the cost of medications like antibiotics, dressings, etc., and other additional charges like transportation. If the surgeon applies a local anesthesia and uses injectable products, the cost of the plastic surgery would be significantly lower. Genioplasty face procedure might cost more than $5,000.

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Plastic Surgery Your Procedure Procedure Animation

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