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Chemical Peel Is a procedure in which a controlled chemical burn is applied to the skin, using chemical solution, in order to remove outer layers of the skin. It can remove delicate wrinkles, pigmentation marks and other skin defects. Peeling also has some medical advantages, such as removal of pre-cancerous conditions and acne scars.

The solutions being used are phenol, trichloroacetic acid (TCA) and alphahydroxil acids (AHA).

AHA is used for delicate peeling. It gives you smooth and shiny skin, and it also treats delicate wrinkles, acne scars and pigmentation. Several treatments are usually required on a weekly basis. The solution can also be incorporated into creams or facial wash, and can be used on a daily basis.

TCA is used for intermediate peeling. It removes wrinkles and superficial skin defects and pigmentation. Usually more than one treatment is required and it has a longer healing time than with AHA. It can be used in all body parts.

Phenol is the most powerful solution, and it is used for deep peeling. It removes deep wrinkles, pre malignant conditions and skin defects due to sun exposure; it also causes brighter skin color. It can be used only in the face area.

It is recommended to use several creams before peeling to get better results. Retin-A, which thinners the upper layers of the skin and hydroquinone, which bleaches the skin.

The peeling is performed with the following techniques:

AHA - after cleaning the skin the physician spreads the solution onto the skin. It takes around 10 minutes. The physician will then gives you instructions on how to apply this cream for several weeks at home. During such period you'll be scheduled for a check-up to follow the progress of peeling.

TCA - it usually takes 45 minutes. You may feel a burning sensation which disappears after a few minutes. Second treatments is usually performed after an interval of a about 2 months.

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Peeling with phenol takes 1-2 hours. A single treatment is usually sufficient. You'll need to cover the face with a bandage or Vaseline cream.

After treating with AHA you can immediately return to daily activities, but you must wear sunscreen. TCA causes redness and swelling which disappears within a week, and you can return to work after 7-10 days. After treating with phenol, your skin regeneration will usually take 7-10 days. At first you'll have a very reddish skin which will gradually change to pink color. It is very important to avoid direct sun exposure and to use sunscreen to avoid burns and pigmentation.

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