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Cheekbone Augmentation in KY (Kentucky)  - What Is It?

Cheekbone augmentation is done to correct the sagging of the cheeks or the volume loss in the cheeks due to aging. The cheek lift could be achieved by a single or combination of several cosmetic procedures. Suture meloplication, which is also known as percutaneous cheek lift, subperiosteal cheek lift, endoscopic cheek lift, feather lift suture suspension, SOOF lift, and molar augmentation and lift are some of the plastic surgery procedures adopted for cheek augmentation. All these face procedures are minimally invasive techniques for lifting the droopy cheek tissues over the cheekbone and restoring the youthful contour. The cheek folds are softened, the tear trough is improved and the bagginess of the lower eyelids is removed through these cheek procedures.

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Cheekbone Augmentation in KY (Kentucky) - How Is It Done?

Normally in suture meloplication, two incisions are done in this face procedure. One would be done inside the mouth and the other one would be done behind the hairline in your temple area. The cheek fat pad is removed from the cheekbone through the incision in the mouth. The pad is grasped by a suspension suture, which is passed under the skin to the incision in the temple area. This elevates the cheek fat pad and the corner of the mouth. The nasolabial folds are softened or eliminated. Finally, the suspension suture is anchored to the soft tissue under the scalp. The mid-face acquires a prominently elevated look. Cheek lift is a very effective plastic surgery if done by an expert surgeon and would provide you with a new, young, and attractive appearance.

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Cheekbone Augmentation in KY (Kentucky) - After the Surgery:

Cheek lift could also be achieved by structural fat grafting or cheek implants in certain cases. However, the risk of bone resorption and infection is higher in these procedures, compared to percutaneous cheek lift and other surgical methods. Still, the plastic surgeon is the best person to decide the procedure to be adopted for cheek augmentation of a patient.

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