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Cheek Fat Removal in San Antonio, Texas (TX) - What Is It?

All of us would like to have an attractive face profile. However, fat deposits could develop in the cheeks, chin, and neck. This would detract from a natural facial profile. The rounding of the face profile would result in a lack of definition along the neck and the jaw line. Cheek fat removal or buccal fat pad removal is a very effective cosmetic procedure to provide a face profile and contour that is appreciated by others. However, in majority of persons, the cheek fat is reduced in a natural manner as we age. Hence, if the cheek pad removal is done to excess, in later years, your face might look haggard and drawn. As such, you should consult an expert plastic surgeon before resorting to this face procedure.

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Cheek Fat Removal in San Antonio, Texas (TX) - How Is It Done?

The surgeon might adopt buccal fat pad excision method or use liposuction techniques to correct the facial profile. Fat extraction is done with a local anesthetic and hence it is quite a simple and safe face procedure. However, numbness might remain for 2 to 3 weeks after the plastic surgery. Moderate swelling of the face for a week is also common but it would automatically subside after that. In certain cases, infection might develop. Rinsing the mouth 3 to 4 times a day with hydrogen peroxide solution would help in avoiding this risk. Chewing would be difficult for about a week. Liquid diet would be ideal during this period.

San Antonio Texas cheek fat removal - Tip of the day:
What are the various shapes of implants used for cheek augmentation?
There are three main shapes of implants used for cheek augmentation by doctors in San Antonio,Texas (TX). The most commonly used shape is called the “malar” and this is placed over the cheek bones. There is a shape called sub malar which are primarily used to augment the mid section of the face. Another shape called “combined”, which is a combination of the two shapes mentioned above, is used for either augmenting the mid section of the face or the cheek bones. 

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Cheek Fat Removal in San Antonio, Texas (TX) - After the Surgery:

The results of cheek fat removal are normally permanent. Overall facial beauty improves significantly through this cosmetic procedure. Since the incision is done within the mouth, there would be no scars on the face after the surgery. In rare cases, corrective plastic surgery might be necessary after several years when we age. This cheek procedure could be combined with other cosmetic procedures like liposuction to provide the face an effective and natural profile.

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