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Canthoplasty - What Is It?

Canthoplasty is a cosmetic procedure for reinforcing lower eyelid support. The lateral canthal tendon of the orbital bone is detached and a replacement is constructed. The aim of Canthoplasty is to strengthen the lateral canthus or the tissues that lie at the outer corner of eyelids and provide higher support to the lower eyelid. Sometimes, Canthoplasty might be done for reducing the surgical complications arising out of the incisions in the transcutaneous lower blepharoplasty.

Canthoplasty - How Is It Done?

The Canthoplasty plastic surgery is done with a local anesthetic injection. When the anesthetic takes effect, the surgeon would make a cut into the lateral canthus in the direction of the orbital bone rim. The surgeon would isolate the lateral canthal tendon that extends from the bone rim to the lower eyelid. The attachment of the tendon to the bone would be cut. After that, a small incision would be made on the margin of the eyelid very near the cut tendon. All the adherent skin and conjunctiva in the tarsal plate would be cleaned. The strip of the tarsal plate tissue would be used for creating a new, tighter tendon. Sutures would be done to sew this strip to the lining of the bone inside the bony rim of the socket. Finally dissolving sutures would close the overlying skin and muscle.

Canthoplasty - After the Surgery:

Swelling in the lower and upper eyelids might persist for a few weeks or months. The instructions of the surgeon should be strictly adhered to avoid post-surgical complications. Canthoplasty is a complicated and delicate cosmetic procedure and the plastic surgeon should be an expert and experienced one for best results. If the plastic surgery is not properly done, the eyes might get an unnatural upper slant or downward retraction, particularly in persons with prominent eyes or in persons with weak cheekbone or orbital rim support.

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Plastic Surgery Your Procedure Procedure Animation

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