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Calf Augmentation Procedure

This procedure offers a solution for those people that have underdeveloped calves or wish to augment them. The idea is to shape and size the calves by surgical insertion of implants. The implants are made of soft silicon and they come in different shapes and sizes. Before the operation your legs will be measured to select a proper implant for your needs. There is an alternative to implants. Calf augmentation can also be performed by liposuction of fat from other body parts and injecting it into the calves. This method is not suitable for people with no extra fat to be removed. Another problem is fat absorption that eventually occurs, sometimes creating not symmetric calves. Men and women can benefit from this procedure. Men usually want to increase the muscle bulk, giving them more masculine look and women wish to get more symmetrical appearance of their legs. This procedure also may help to correct some congenital defects, those include polio, spina bifida and clubfoot, all this conditions may be associated with undeveloped calves.

This procedure can be done with local or general anesthesia, and it usually lasts for an hour. During the operation the patient is laying on their back. A cut is made in the concavity behind the knee, then the skin is gently separated and a space is created. The implant is inserted above the muscles. After one leg is done the doctor performs the same on the other one. After the symmetry is confirmed the surgeon closes the cuts with stitches.

Every operation has its ricks. This one includes bleeding, infection and sometimes implants shrinkage and asymmetry.

After the surgery you may feel some degree of pain. Your doctor`ll subscribe you for painkillers. At the first two days you`ll be asked to raise your legs whenever you are sitting, this to reduce swelling. Afterwards, the bandages are removed and you are encouraged to walk more intensively to train your calve muscles. For about two weeks you`ll fell like you`re calves is been through excessive workout. Swelling and bruising also may appear, they are only temporary and will improve with time. You`ll be able to go back to work after 7-10 days. You`ll get detailed instructions from you`re surgeon regarding the activities you should avoid, for example long walking, weight lifting and running. Usually, most of the patients are able to return to their daily activities after 4-6 weeks.

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What are the Health Benefits of Calf Augmentation?
This cosmetic procedure also may help correct some congenital defects, which include polio, spina bifida and clubfoot, where all such conditions may be associated with undeveloped calves. A lot of patients in ES(Spain) have opted to undergo such treatment for the following health reasons.
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The PSNC has published a brief guide for pharmacists on how GP practices operate and how best to collaborate and develop relationships with them. The following sections are included: • Setting the scene (QOF, GMS contract, PBC) • The GPs and key stakeholders • Key practice staff • Forming relationships with GP practices Please see the link above to view the document. More...

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