Bypass Surgery

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What is Bypass Surgery?

Normally, bypass surgery would mean only heart bypass surgery, termed medically as coronary artery bypass, with the intention of relieving angina problem and reducing the risk of death. According to historical records, the first bypass surgery was done on May 2, 1960 in the United States in the Bronx Municipal Hospital Center attached to Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Gastric Bypass Surgery

However, in obese persons, another set of body procedures, known as gastric bypass procedures or GBP are done. The excessive accumulation of fatty tissue and resultant overweight would lead to several health problems. For morbid obesity, the plastic surgery procedure is termed as bariatric surgery. Gastric bypass surgery is one sub-category in bariatric surgery. Gastric bypass should be done by a highly qualified and experienced surgeon.

Surgical Procedure of GBP

The surgeon would initially divide the stomach into two pouches. The upper pouch would be smaller, while the lower pouch would be much larger. Then the surgeon would re-arrange the small intestine so that both the upper and lower pouches remain connected to it. Such a cosmetic procedure results in significant reduction in the functioning of the stomach, along with modifications in the psychological and physiological response to food items. This leads to rapid weight loss.

Benefits and Risks in Gastric Banding Surgery

An adjustable gastric banding surgery is also known as lap band could also be done through laparoscopic methods as another option for weight loss surgery. In the stomach an inflatable silicone device would be placed on the top portion. This surgery, which is part of bariatric surgery, is ideally recommended for people with body mass index or BMI of 40 or more. However, this is not an easy surgery option for obese people, since the risks are more, since failure to follow the post-operative instructions in a carefully manner could result in drastic consequences. Still, if done properly, this is a very good cosmetic procedure for people suffering from obesity.

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Plastic Surgery Your Procedure Procedure Animation

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