Buccal Fat Pad Excision

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Buccalfat Pad Excision - What Is It?

The middle face is composed of bones, surface fat, and packet of deep fat. This packet is termed as buccal fat pad. The plastic surgeon should be an experienced one to estimate the present shape of your face and the expectation that you have as to how you wish to appear in future. Once the surgeon is clear as to what shape should be given, a light anesthetic would be administered to you. After that, the surgeon would make a ½” incision to remove this fat pad. In certain cases, the buccal fat pad excision might be combined with facelift cosmetic procedure. When the fat pad had been removed, the incision would be closed with stitches, which are dissolvable.

Buccalfat Pad Excision - How Is It Done?

In general, people with faces that look overweight or very round opt for buccal face procedure. The buccal excision or cheek procedure leaves you with a contoured looking natural face. The chubby cheeks appear refined after the buccal fat pad excision. Since the incision is done inside the mouth, there would no visible scar on the outside of the face. The entire cosmetic procedure takes about an hour. This buccal plastic surgery could be combined with other facial treatments like liposuction, facial implants, chin augmentation, eyelid surgery, facelift, neck lift, etc.

Buccalfat Pad Excision - After the Surgery:

There would be moderate swelling for about 2-3 weeks after the plastic surgery. Chewing might be difficult and hence liquid and soft diet is recommended. Most of the patients would be able to resume work after a week. However, you should follow the instructions of the surgeon to guard against infection. The full effect of this cheek procedure would appear only after a few months. Buccal fat pad excision might cost between $1,500 and $5,000, depending on the level of complication. Since this buccal face procedure is a cosmetic procedure, insurance would not be needed.

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