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Buccal Fat Extraction in Korea KR

Buccal fat extraction is a fat removal method from chubby cheeks. Though many persons might like cheeks that are full, the modern trend is to have a leaner look. Hence, buccal fat extraction is a novel cosmetic procedure to remove unwanted fat from cheeks. This novel cheek procedure should be done only by a qualified cosmetic surgeon. The entire process might take about an hour and local anesthesia is administered to the patient. An incision of 2-3 cm length is made between the cheek and the gum. After that, the surgeon would apply pressure on the cheekbone to project the buccal fat through the incision. Then the excess fat is removed with specially designed tweezers by the surgeon. When the plastic surgery is over, the incisions are blocked with sutures of non-dissolvable type.

For a few days, you might encounter pain while chewing food after buccal fat extraction. There would also be a swollen appearance for 2-3 days but the swelling would gradually subside. The sutures would be removed after a week or ten days. You could regain normalcy within three weeks. However, you should follow the instructions of the surgeon and take necessary medication to avoid infections. A few patients might also suffer from reactions from anesthesia. If there is any complication or discomfort after this cosmetic surgery, then the surgeon should be contacted without any delay. Buccal fat extraction surgery might cost between $1500 and $5000.

Buccal fat removal is also resorted to rectify chipmunk cheeks. The face procedure surgery provides narrow and attractive cheeks. Self-confidence increases due to the improvement in appearance. Hence, buccal fat extraction had become a favorite cosmetic procedure by all those who cherish good looks.


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kr buccal fat extraction
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What are the potential risks involved during cheek augmentation?
There are many risks involved during cheek augmentation if done by unqualified surgeons. The doctors at Korea(KR) say there is a risk of the body rejecting the implants. There is also the risk of infection since the incision is made through the mouth that has a lot of bacteria in it. There is also the risk of bleeding, enhanced swelling and blood clot being formed.
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kr buccal fat extraction

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