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Ghana Breast Reduction - The Procedure

Women with very large breasts may suffer from pack pain, skin infections under the breast folds and breathing difficulties. During the operation extra fat, skin and breast tissue are removed and the surgeon designs a smaller breasts according to woman`s proportions.
There are two ways to perform breast reduction: one with longer scar or an "anchor" scar, which is the procedure of choice in a case of very large breasts. The surgeon cuts through the nipple down and behind the breast folds. Afterward the surgeon lifts the nipple upward and shapes the breast. The second one is with a smaller scar, which is suitable for a medium size breasts. The cut is made only through the nipple and through the fold. Sometime the extra skin is not fully removed which leaves some skin folds beneath the breasts. Those usually disappear after 3-5 month (in case they persist afterward you might need an additional surgery to remove them).

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Ghana Breast Reduction - Risks
Every surgery has its risks; the one you`re about to have has a risk of wound infections or healing difficulties of the scars. It might be an asymmetry in the position of the nipple and in some cases you won`t be able to nurse.

Ghana breast reduction - Tip of the day:
Breast Reduction - Post-surgery
After the surgery in Ghana(GH), some surgeons would prefer an elastic bandage or a bra. You may feel pain when you do sharp movements or you cough, and you`ll receive painkillers to relieve the pain. The bandages will be removed 1-2 days after the operation, and it is recommended that you wear sports bra for another 4-6 weeks, until the area has fully healed.

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Ghana Breast Reduction - After Surgery
After the surgery some of the surgeon will prefer an elastic bandage or a bra and some will leave a drainage tubes to draine extra blood or secretions. You might feel pain with sharp moves or coughing, you`ll receive painkillers to relieve the pain. The bandages will be removed a 1-2 days after the operation, and it is recommended to wear a sports bra for another 4-6 weeks until the area heals completely. During your first period after the surgery you might feel pain more then usual, you might also fell tingle or currents for a few month or even a year.

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Ghana Breast Reduction - Healing
You`ll be able to return to you`re daily activities in a few days although you should restrain from strenuous activities for about a month. It is recommended not to smoke because smoking interferes with healing processes of your scars. You also should avoid sexual activities for 1-2 weeks.

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Here is some General Information about Ghana:

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There are scheduled domestic flights 2 - 3 times a day between Accra, Kumasi, Sekondi and Tamale in the north including flights by Antrak Air. There are also filghts to destinations outside the country.

The scars and bruises usually disappear after a few weeks and the final results can be seen 6 month after the surgery. Afterward you breast appearance will be influenced by hormonal changes your weight and pregnancies. You must also remember that despite the fact that you`re breast became smaller if you had pack pain before the reduction you may continue to have them, although the surgery will prevent the exacerbation of those problems.

Ghana breast reduction - News update:
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Breast Reduction - Alternative Treatment

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