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Breast Reconstruction Procedure

This procedure is designed for women who underwent breast amputation after breast cancer or other conditions. Newer techniques allow the surgeon to create a breast which is very similar to the natural one. The reconstruction can be done during the amputation procedure, or a few months or even a year afterwards.

There are a number of implants: the most widely used are silicon implants which have silicon surface and filling. They come in different sizes and shapes.

Becker implants are made of a thick silicon surface (35%-50%) and a solution filling. The advantage of this implant is the ability to adjust its shape to the woman`s body. It can also serve as a skin stretcher. There are also implants with a thin silicon surface and a solution filling, which are less used.

The operation can be divided into 2 main categories: (a) a stretcher is inserted, then replaced with an implant; (b) the reconstruction is made from another body tissue.

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The most common reconstruction is performed with a stretcher and an implant. After amputation a balloon (stretcher) is inserted under the skin and chest muscles. It has a special valve which can be filled from outside. The implant is being filled gradually with a special solution, until the skin has sufficiently stretched for inserting the implant. It takes another 3-6 months until the breast has acquired its final shape, then the nipple can be reconstructed as well.

Becker implants: sometimes during amputation the skin can be preserved. That would eliminate the need for a stretcher, and a permanent implant (Becker) can be inserted right away.

The breast can also be reconstructed with body tissue from areas with extra skin and fat, like the tummy, buttocks and back. The tissue being removed is called "a flap". Common sites to acquire the flap are the lower tummy and the lotissimus dorsi muscle from the back.

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What: Beta-thalassemia is a serious, potentially life-threatening disease that affects red blood cells, cells that carry oxygen via hemoglobin throughout the body. More...

This procedure can be complicated due to implant infection, a contraction of a surface of an implant, silicon leaks and anesthetic complications.

You`ll need to stay in hospital 2-7 days after the surgery, while you may feel pain and weakness for a week or two. Complete recovery may take up to 6 weeks, depending on the surgery. You may have an unusual sensation in the breast that would usually disappear over time. In most cases there could be a slight asymmetry between the breasts, however, most women report a significant improvement in their social life and self esteem.

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How is breast reconstruction done using the tissue expander process?
The tissue expander for of breast reconstruction is the most common for technique used by the doctors in ND(North Dakota). In this process, the surgeon uses a temporary silastic implant called tissue expander and inserts it below the muscle of the chest wall. The entire procedure has to be done carefully in order to ensure positive visual appeal of the breast.

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