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Human beings are born with certain genetics that they derive from their parents, as well as their ancestors. It often happens that men are embarrassed by large breasts that they should not have, while even women having very large breasts feel that this is not providing them the normal physical movement or appearance. Such persons do need to reduce their breast size. One of the cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery known as reduction mammoplasty or boobs reduction in slang language is the only solution for such persons.

The traditional methods of boobs reduction like remodeling the breast shape through central pedicle, trimming, reshaping the skin, through old methods had resulted in long scars. However, the last 2-3 decades had provided improved plastic surgery technologies like reduction mammoplasty, like the round block mammoplasty that Benelli introduced in 1990, after studying the techniques of Lassus modified this body procedures in 1987, the techniques developed in the middle of 1960s. However, it was Lejour who applied the first breast liposuction known as suction lipectomy in the later 1980s to apply the latest surgical resection for following the cosmetic procedure of breast reduction, mainly in female macromastia.

Breast liposuction is one the common procedures in boobs reduction. It is one of the safest procedures in cosmetic procedure of plastic surgery. Such breast procedures like reduction mammoplasty, suction lipectomy, ultra-sound lipoplasty, and power assisted liposuction. It had been confirmed after several years of research by eminent doctors and plastic surgeons like Rohrich and his colleagues that breast liposuction is the best procedure for breast reduction, without too many side effects.

Large breasts known as macromastia could exist in one breast or both breasts. This is generally caused more by fat hypertrophy than by glandular therapy. Since large breasts could cause neck pain, back pain, clothing limitations, and embarrassment, including psychological problems, this should be seriously attended to and rectified.

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Plastic Surgery Your Procedure Procedure Animation

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