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What to Do Before Deciding on Breast Lift?
It is a prerequisite for ideal candidates to visit the clinic in Brazil(BR) for preliminary check-ups and consultation before any procedure is done. As a standard operating procedure, doctors make sure a candidate is ready for such procedure. This will also help them evaluate the proper technique and schedule for the surgery to be done.

Breast Lift Procedure

A mastopexy or breast lift is a surgical procedure performed to reshape the breast and return it to a more youthful position. Drooping of the breast may occur after pregnancy as well as aging. Frequently a breast implant may be used in conjunction with a breast lift in order to achieve better results. Depending on the amount of breast lifting that needs to be accomplished, different techniques may be used that involve different incisions. Generally, the more lifting that is required, the larger the incision (and therefore the scar).

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The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) of the National Institutes of Health today issued the first clinical guidelines in the United States for the diagnosis and management of von Willebrand Disease (VWD), the most common inherited bleeding disorder. The guidelines include recommendations on screening, diagnosis, disease management, and directions for future research. An extensive article on the guidelines is published online Feb. 29 in the journal Haemophilia. More...

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Brazil History and Economy

Until 1500, Brazil was inhabited solely by indigenous people, mainly of the Tupi and Guarani ethnic groups. Actual settling by the Portuguese began later that century, with the extraction of valuable pau-brasil wood, from which the country draws its name. The following four centuries saw further exploitation of the country's natural riches (gold and rubber) besides the rise of an economy based on agriculture (sugar and coffee) and slave labor, millions of Africans taken to the new world in a forced diaspora. Meanwhile, extermination or Christianizing of natives kept its pace, and the 19th century saw a second wave of European (mainly Italian and German) immigration, adding to this unique and complex set of factors that generated today's equally complex and unique Brazilian culture and society.

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