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One major difference between males and females is the shape of the breast. From the time the first human beings appeared on earth, the size of the breasts of men was nearly insignificant but the breasts of women were larger. It could not be denied that men are attracted by the size of the breasts of women, though the preferences might vary widely. On the other hand, women with small breasts do feel ashamed and prefer to undergo body procedures or plastic surgery for breast enhancement. Women under the impression that their sagging breasts are not beautiful wish to have breast lift. Sometimes, women with very large breasts feel embarrassed and undergo plastic surgery to reduce their breast size.

This special body procedure of plastic surgery conducted for breast up lift is known as mammoplasty or mastopexy. Mastopexy is a complicated breast surgery. It could involve lifting the breast, removing excess skin and tissues, repositioning the nipple or areola, and implanting materials like silicon gels or saline products. The plastic surgery with saline implants inserts a saline liquid in the breast area through a silicone elastomer shell that injects the sterile saline liquid. On the other hand, the breast implants of silicone gel are done through a silicone shell that contains a viscous silicone gel.

The body procedures of breast enlargement could add shape, fullness and size to the breast. Asymmetrical breasts could be balanced. Breasts that had changed shape or sagged due to pregnancy or age could be lifted up. The breast surgery of breast up lift would normally take an hour or two depending on the complexity of the operation. Persons undergoing breast up lift could be able to resume normal activities within 2 days but the side effects of the plastic surgery could last up to a month. Hence, the patient should follow the advice of the instructions of the surgeon during the recovery period.

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Plastic Surgery Your Procedure Procedure Animation

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