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MX BOTOX® Cosmetic - The Procedure
The commercial name of a botolinum toxin is botox®. Its main action is to selectively paralyze the muscles which case wrinkles by excessive contraction.

His first use was by an American ophthalmologist to treat strabismus; later on it became common practice in neurology, plastic surgery and as a treatment for excessive sweating.

MX botox cosmetic - Tip of the day:
What is the most common injectable filler?
The most in-demand filler is collagen. It is a substance that contours the support structure of dermal tissues. It replenishes natural collagen of the skin that degenerates as an individual ages. And collagen comes in different forms as well. However, they are all readily injectable in MX(Mexico).

Today there are two preparations available: the BOTOX, which is manufactured in USA and has FDA approval for use in plastic surgery and DISPORT which is manufactured in England. The concentration of a toxin is similar between the two and most of the surgeons agree that there is no significant difference between them. Although the FDA approval of the BOTOX makes is more popular and widely used then DISPORT.

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MX BOTOX® Cosmetic - Injection Locations
It can be injected to the following sites:

The glabelar muscles of the forehead, which gives an angry look.

The orbicularis oculi, which creates wrinkles around the eyes.

The frontalis, which creates the wrinkles of the forehead

MX botox cosmetic - News update:
Engineers at the University of Sheffield and STFC Rutherford-Appleton Laboratories have developed one of the World´s largest imagers that could form the heart of future medical scanners. The new technology will allow doctors to produce more sensitive and faster images of the human body at a lower-cost to the healthcare profession. More...

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MX BOTOX® Cosmetic - Procedure Length
The injection itself takes a few minutes. The surgeon uses a special syringe and injects a small amount of botox to the muscles involved. Men usually require larger amount due to larger muscles. The effect takes place after a day or two and reaches its maximal effect after 10 days. The pain involving the injection usually well tolerated by most of the patients and there is no need in local anesthetics. In selected cases a sedative drug or local anesthetics can be used.

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MX BOTOX® Cosmetic - Effect Duration
The duration of the effect is usually 3 month for full effect and 8 month for partial effect. Longer action cases muscle fibers to degenerate therefore it is recommended to repeat the treatment after 3-4 month. After several treatments there are longer periods of time with full effect and usually much less botox required to achieve it. Many patients enjoy even the partial effect for long periods of time. There is no permanent effect.

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Here is some General Information about MX:

Mexico By car

American automobile insurance is not accepted in Mexico, therefore the Department of Transportation advises traveling to Mexico by air, sea, or walking where possible. Should you decide to drive to Mexico despite the advisory, the Transport and Communications Secretariat website [2] has free downloadable road maps.

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MX BOTOX® Cosmetic - Risks
The treatment proved to be relatively safe. Precautions include: know allergy to botox or albumin, muscle weakness, use of aminoglicozide antibiotics, pregnancy or breastfeeding. Common side effects include: bleeding around the injection sites, headache, flu like symptoms and local pain. Another unwanted effect is paralysis of adjacent muscles which may cause eyelid drop (usually partial), double vision and difficulty swallowing. Because only part of those muscles was paralyzed there is usually a full compensation of the remaining muscle after 2-4 weeks.

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