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Body hair removal could be done in two ways. One is known as epilation and the other is known as depilation. In the process of epilation, the entire hair on the skin is removed, included the part that lies below the skin. This is a long lasting procedure. Epilation is done through procedures like waxing, epilation devices, threading, sugaring, lasers, electrology, and intense pulsed light. Hair could also be removed by plucking it with tweezers but it could be a painful process.

On the other hand, depilation would remove the hair only above the outer surface of the skin. Normally, shaving is done to achieve this. However, this could also be achieved by using chemical depilatories. These chemicals break the disulfide bonds linking the protein chains, which give the hair its strength. The hair would get disintegrated by the use of such chemicals. However, the use of such chemicals might not suit all persons, since they could produce allergic side effects in many people.

Body hair removal is an individual decision. Many men like to have a clean shaven face but do not remove hair from the other parts in the body. The hairstyle would also vary from person to person. Several men keep mustaches of various types and styles, some short and some very long or thick. Normally, women do not have hair growth on their face due to the special hormones in their body. However, some of them might have hair growth in the mustache area or in the chin. They would need to remove this hair growth either by epilation or by depilation. Hair removal by laser removal is the safest method for such women. When people become bald due to age or other reasons, they try to wear wigs or resort to hair replant processes to have a younger look. As such, the cosmetic treatment of body hair removal depends on the outlook of each individual.

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