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Asiandouble Eyelid - What Is It?

People born with a weak or low eyelid crease or no eyelid crease seek double eyelid surgery. Since nearly half of the Asians are born with a weak upper eyelid crease and resort to corrective surgery. As such, this plastic surgery had been termed as Asian double eyelid surgery and this condition is known as Asian double eyelid. Even though facial beauty is not related to prominent eyelid creases, any cosmetic procedure to enhance the looks is a personal decision. Data reveal that many persons of Asian descent opt for double eyelid surgery to improve their appearance.

Asiandouble Eyelid - How Is It Done?

Normally, in the Asian eyelid, the aim is to realign structurally the eyelid tissues for creating a natural crease when the upper eyelid is opened. On the other hand, in the non-Asian eyelid, the plastic surgery is done for subtracting the changes that result from aging. Though a few persons, particularly women, prefer a prominent crease of medium height and parallel contour, only a low and tapered crease would be natural and that should be chosen. A high crease would never look good on a male.

This delicate cosmetic procedure of correcting the Asian double eyelid involves very little removal of skin and fat. The plastic surgery focuses on the realignment of the internal eyelid structure. The plastic surgeon should take a customized approach for each patient and adopt the most suitable surgical technique. The surgery is done with a local anesthesia so that the patient could open and close the eyes during the surgery. This would help the surgeon to monitor constantly the changes to the position and shape of the eyelids.

Asiandouble Eyelid - After the Surgery:

Small incisions are made and strips of skin are excised to attain the right height for the new crease. In certain cases, no skin would be removed. However, the orbital muscle and orbital septum strips are removed in minute quantities to change the height of the crease. The final height of the crease would depend on the level of tissue removal and the rearrangement of the internal tissue. Creases of parallel, tapered, lateral flare, and sometimes semi lunar shapes could be created by this special eye surgery. Multiple creases could also be corrected through this cosmetic procedure.

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