Who Needs a Face-lift?

(Ivanhoe Newswire) -- Got a "wattle" under the chin you’d like to get rid of but don’t want to invest time or money in a face-lift? Not to worry, report researchers. They found several other less-expensive and less-time-consuming techniques may work just as well in some cases.The researchers note there are several ways for plastic surgeons to treat the loose skin under the neck typically dubbed a "wattle." In younger patients, doctors can use liposuction to remove fat deposits causing the problem. Middle- aged patients usually need a little more work -- usually an incision under the chin and behind the ears to remove the fat deposits, along with some muscle tightening.In a new study, researchers used these techniques on 33 patients seeking treatment for a wattle. Moderate improvement was seen in 20 of the patients, and 12 patients were deemed to have a marked improvement. What if you’re older than middle age but still want to get rid of your wattle? The authors report people over age 75 usually do need a complete face-lift to take care of the loose skin.They also urge people considering this type of procedure not to expect too much. Study author James Zins, M.D., "Approximately one in 10 patients is a good candidate for neck rejuvenation, but patients must maintain realistic expectations."This article was reported by Ivanhoe.com, who offers Medical Alerts by e-mail every day of the week.