Powder tips


  • Always apply the face powder with a brush that suits the shape of your face or with a sponge to give an even finish. Make sure these brushes and sponges are cleaned often.

  • If you suffer from oily skin, choosing loose powder over pressed powder would be the right choice. Though the latter is useful when you want to apply makeup on the run it is not as effective in absorbing the excess oil.

  • It is best to apply pressed powder with sponge. The pressed powder which in itself is compact and a sumptuous vitalizer to your skin comes with a sponge for your use.

  • If you have dry skin, use the powder sparingly. You can ensure that you apply less powder in those areas of your face that are dry and be generous in the places where skin is oily.

  • When shopping for the powder, do so based on your skin tone. If your skin tans during the summer, then you have no option but to purchase a powder that suits the tanned skin too.