Unlike perceived by many people from various parts of the world, ingredients used to manufacture various products for makeup are not very harmful to health. Every product used for makeup enters the market only after gaining approval from the FDA that it is safe for use.

A large number of people fear that there are certain carcinogenic ingredients that are used in the manufacture of makeup products. This is definitely impossible because the FDA would not allow such products to be sold. Till date, there has been no evidence of anybody being fatally injured due to the use of makeup.

Makeup is not just for models but for regular wear as well. Most people refrain from using makeup assuming it is not for them. Applying makeup for regular wear enhances your visual appeal and will make you feel more presentable and confident.

Makeup is not just a recent discovery. The history of makeup can be traced back to the Egyptian civilization where women used to increase their beauty by painting their eyelids and darkening the lashes using items like charcoal.

While choosing makeup products, opting for products with natural ingredients will reduce the chances of allergy. Such makeup products can also be used safely on any type of skin including sensitive skin without any hesitation.