Makeup Tips

Using a good foundation before you apply any other aspect of a makeup is a good idea since it makes your skin look smooth and flawless. Ensure you choose the foundation that is suitable for your skin tone.

Use a good blush to highlight the delicate curves of your cheek bones. Opting for blush in natural colors will provide an unmatched glow to your cheeks. If you opt for shades of pink, then, ensure subtle application to avoid looking made up.

Don’t choose eye shadows in metallic shades and nail polish in vibrant colors if you are looking for products for corporate wear. Go for softer and subtler shades that not only impart the right look but also prevent you from looking fake.

If you want a pout which is as sexy as Angelina Jolie’s, then, ensure that you refrain from choosing dark shades of lipsticks. Opting for lighter tones will help you plump your pout by providing the magnifying effect to your lips.

A concealer is a great makeup product to use if you have puffed eyes or dark circles. You can also hide the fine lines and crow’s feet around your eyes by applying the concealer evenly.