Lip makeup

  • Shape your lips well with a good lip liner. Apply it smoothly along the edges of your lips and make sure that this shade matches the shade of your lipstick.

  • If your lips are too thin then one way of adding volume to them is with the use of lip gloss. The lip gloss that adds a shine to your lips can be applied over the lips or over the lip color of your choice.

  • When applying the lip color, do so with a lip brush. This will ensure that the color spreads evenly on your lips rather than filling it in patches and giving an ugly look.

  • If you want your lip makeup to stay for longer, then use a foundation before applying the color. Make sure you dust the excess powder off your lips and then apply the lip color with a brush.

  • While the number of shades of lip color may confuse you, you can safely opt for lighter, softer shades for the day and darker shades for the night. The use of lip gloss over the lip color could be optional.