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Alloderm - What Is It?

Alloderm is a collagen matrix preserving the necessary elements for cellular repopulation and revascularization. Alloderm acts as a scaffold for the migration of epithelial cells. Hence, the contour and the pigmentation are emulated in the applied site to match the surrounding tissues. In plastic surgery, multiple sites could be treated with Alloderm in a single surgery itself. Alloderm is particularly useful in patients who have harvestable tissue deficiency. Alloderm could be used in several oral grafting procedures like lip augmentation and augmentation of soft tissue ridge.

Alloderm - How Is It Done?

For processing Alloderm, the epidermis is removed by a buffered salt solution. Multiple cells are solubilized within the dermis and washed away through non-denaturing detergent wash by rapid diffuse into the dermis. The extracted tissue matrix is preserved by a special freeze-drying process. Hence, the natural regenerative properties of the tissue are maintained and the structural and biochemical components are retained in the collagen matrix.

In lip augmentation cosmetic procedure, the surgeon would make tiny incisions at one corner of the mouth of the patient. Normally, thick fat strips of about 1-2 mm in size are extracted from the donor site and injected carefully and slowly into the lower and upper lips for a gradual plumping effect. This method is considered safe for creating natural and soft lips. However, injectable lip and facial fillers like Alloderm, Gore-Tex, polytetrafluoroethylene, etc. could also be used for lip procedure of lip augmentation.

Alloderm - After the Surgery:

If the surgeon wishes to use Alloderm for lip augmentation, the freeze-dried Alloderm would be re-hydrated in sterile solution to make it pliable and soft. The graft is rolled into a tube. Alloderm is threaded into the tunnel created under the lip skin by the incisions. When adequate Alloderm had been rolled in, the incision is closed with a single suture. The surgeon would advice the application of an antibiotic ointment for about a week until the incisions heal. Oral antibiotic would also be recommended to prevent infection.

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Plastic Surgery Your Procedure Procedure Animation

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