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Air brush tanning is a unique tanning process in , Switzerland (SZ) - by using an air brush. In this process, exposure to sun is avoided. It is well known to all of us that many persons are allergic to the rays of sun but they also wish to have a tanned look. This specialbody procedure of air brush tanning is a natural tanning method. The cosmetic treatment ofair brush tanning uses a tanning solution, which will last for 5 to 10 days, depending on the skin type and lifestyle of the person getting this spray tan. Normally, a compressor would be used to spray the tanning solution on the skin. The tanning solution that is normally used is a clear liquid which contains dihydroxyacetone or DHA. Hence, this tanning is also called asDHA tanning

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DHA had been approved by the Federal Drugs Authority of the United States or FDA about 30 years ago. The DHA reacts with the amino acids which are present in the outer layer of our skin. Since this tan would last only for 5 to 10 days, you need to repeat this process regularly. Thedihydroxyacetone is a sugar compound and it darkens the skin by mixing with the amino acids and producing a staining effect. You might not know that the cells on our skin continuously get regenerated. When fresh cells are formed, the air brush tanning naturally disappears and hence needs to be redone again..<

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Many of the sunless tanning lotions could leave the skin streaked and blotched. They could also cause allergic side effects and affect the skin severely. However, DHA tanning solutionsnormally do not have any harmful side effects. Still, this spray tan could stain light cloth materials like silk, nylon and wool. Hence, you should avoid wearing such clothes during the time of application. The cost of air brush tanning solutions varies between $15 and $100. It would be advisable to buy costlier solutions to ensure absolute safety to your skin.

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