Abdominal Etching

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What Is Abdominal Etching?

Abdominal etching is a plastic surgery that is used for removing excess fat and skin from the abdomen in order to give it a sculpted, athletic look. An abdominal etching is different from a tummy tuck since it deals only with the removal of fat and skin whereas a tummy tuck also involves removal and tightening of loose and extra muscles

Who Should Opt For Abdominal Etching?

Healthy, athletic people with good muscle tone who are unable to get rid of localized fat deposits in the abdominal area are the best candidates for abdominal etching. People who have undergone body procedures like tummy tucks or abdominal liposuction can get even better looking abs with abdominal etching.

The Abdominal Etching Procedure

Abdominal etching is carried out in a plastic surgeon’s clinic under local or general anesthesia and takes an hour or more. During the process, a thin tube is inserted into the area from which fat is to be removed and fat removal is carried out through vacuum suction. Similarly thin instruments are used for surgically removing excess skin and fat and sculpting remaining abdominal fat layers to provide better muscle definition.


Abdominal etching is a short and fast cosmetic procedure for getting rid of stubborn abdominal fat deposits and acquiring six and eight pack abs. However, a healthy lifestyle and diet will be required to sustain the benefits of abdominal etching and avoid recurrence of fat deposits.

Risks and Side Effects

As with any plastic surgery, abdominal etching also carries the risk of infection, bleeding and scarring. Bruising and swelling during the days following abdominal etching are common side effect that goes away.


Only your plastic surgeon will be able to give you an exact estimate of how much abdominal etching will cost depending upon the procedures being performed and whether it is clubbed with other fat removal surgery. Be prepared to shell out anything ranging from $3,500 to $ 10,000.

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Plastic Surgery Your Procedure Procedure Animation

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