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Vaginaplasty in NJ (New Jersey) - What is it?

Vaginaplasty is a surgical procedure that is used for tightening loose or flaccid vagina muscles. At times, vaginaplasty, which is also known in NJ (New Jersey) as vaginal rejuvenation, may be carried out with some other procedures like perineoplasty and labiaplasty, depending upon the problems that a patient is facing.

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What If I Have Medical Concerns Regarding the Vaginaplasty?
As consultation in NJ(New Jersey) is done prior to surgery, it is made sure by the plastic surgeon that common diseases that affect the vagina are diagnosed and treated first before any procedure is done. Here in NJ(New Jersey), in-depth diagnoses and clinical examinations are a must before any decision is made.

Who Should Opt For Vaginaplasty in NJ (New Jersey)?

A large number of women experience loosened vaginal muscles after giving multiple births or as a result of aging. This often results in loss of sensation and pleasure during intercourse and is often accompanied by low self esteem and a poor sex life. Any healthy woman who wants to get a pre-pregnancy state, tightened vagina can go for vaginaplasty or vaginal plastic surgery.

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How Is Vaginaplasty Carried Out in NJ (New Jersey)?

A vaginoplasty involves the removal of the excess vaginal tissue through surgical procedures. The muscles and skin of the vagina are tightened by stitching together the loose tissue and then removing the extra tissue. The whole process may take anything from an hour to two hours, and the process is generally carried out under local anesthesia and sedation.

Vaginaplasty in NJ (New Jersey) - Benefits

After getting a vaginal plastic surgery done, patients experience a tightened vaginal state which is akin to what they had before childbirth. This leads to heightened pleasure during intercourse for both partners and a better sex life.

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Vaginaplasty in NJ (New Jersey)- Risks and Side Effects

A vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure that carries certain risks associated with plastic surgery, which your doctor will apprise you of based upon your particular situation and health. Vaginoplasty in NJ (New Jersey) is generally a safe procedure and chances of complications are few and far in between.

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Vaginaplasty in NJ (New Jersey) - Costs

Depending upon your choice of doctor and clinic and your own geographical location, a vaginoplasty can cost anywhere from $4500 to $9000 approximately.

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