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Thermalift - General Information

The latest in technology when it comes to beauty and lifestyle renewed is thermalift—a cosmetic procedure for face lift that gives you the most affordable and most effective of its kind from the medical society.

Thermalift - Before the Surgery

Always before the surgery, a consultation is needed to help the doctor determine and understand the needs of a patient as they are not always the same. The plastic surgery is done with a topical anesthesia. After the anesthesia, a recommended amount of heat is applied on the skin, in a manner that is continuous and uniform. This allows the skin to smoothen the surface while a contracting stage will tighten the inner collagen fibers that takes a firm hold for the face. The heat can be applied to any area where the patient wishes to see the results.

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[Issues] - The Procedure

The more surfaces that the patient demands, the more time it takes for the procedure to finish. It can be done on the forehead where the skin between the hairline and the forehead will be cut and lifted; on the cheeks, plumpness may be achieved; on the nose, a better contour will result; on the chin, a better jaw line that accentuates better facial curves can be provided by the facial procedure. In any case, excess skin may also be cut to remove the cause of skin sagging.

Thermalift - After the Suregry

Take caution in determining your surgeon as the results may vary. Risks are extremely low and do expect that they will be temporary and workable. The method or the technique that will be used for your procedure depends on your expectations, thus, it is always recommended to be open with voicing your concerns to the doctor

The guarantee of safety and efficacy is given to every patient who undergoes the plastic surgery. In as fast as a single session and as quick as two weeks of healing time, do find yourself ready for a new life that is definitely younger looking. From the long line of face procedures, thermalift is the best choice when it comes to making you younger and more beautiful, that is a promise. 

Plastic Surgery Your Procedure Procedure Animation

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