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Thermage in HK (Hong Kong) - General Information

Having your facial features at their best can be your edge in career and lifestyle, thus, thermage continually develops to provide you with most advanced of face procedures.

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Here is some General Information about HK:

Hong Kong Airport Express

Apart from taxi, the fastest local passenger transport to the airport is the Airport Express train that zips you in and out from the Kowloon and the Central district. The journey takes only 23 minutes, and there are plenty of baggage handling officers to help you get heavy bags on and off of the train. There is no need to tip them. Each way costs $60-$100, or a round trip for $110-$180, depending on the distance travelled. After arrival, free shuttle buses connecting to major hotels in Kowloon and Central are provided, or you can continue onward by MTR or taxi.

The Airport Express Tourist Octopus 3-Day Hong Kong Transport Pass gives you an Octopus card (see Get Around) good for 3 days of unlimited MTR travel, plus one ride on the Airport Express (for $220) or two (for $300). In effect, you're paying $70 for 3 days on the MTR, which is a fair bit of travel but might be worth it if you're planning to visit the Lantau Island or the New Territories. You can return the card after use to get back $50 deposit, or keep it for your next trip — any leftover value will remain valid for 3 years. [You can also add money to the card, which you can use for payment at many vending machines, some stores, and when taking the Star Ferry.]

Face lift has become a need more than a luxury these days. It is pampering your face with a new way to become better and beautiful, thus your confidence levels are always at a boost. Through time, the sun’s radiation gradually damages the skin in its color, texture and elasticity that keeps the face in firm shape. Thermage is a cosmetic procedure to tighten the skin as it lifts the face and make the effects of old age disappear.

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Thermage in HK (Hong Kong) - The Procedure

The procedure requires the development of heat through the energy of radio frequency that is  used for the skin layers. The sagging and wrinkling of the skin is actually not just experienced by the old-aged but by many who are often exposed to the sun without protection and to the various factors that can decrease the elasticity of collagen fibers.

While the application of a specialized heat takes place, the immediate results are noticed as the tightening takes place under the heat. The heat waves actually targets the epidermis and the layer of fat and collagen to quickly tighten the existing flexible structure that is left. The beauty of thermage is that while a single session produces immediate effects, it allows the continuous process of skin rejuvenation as collagen anew develops for as long as six months after the treatment! 

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What Does Thermage Do?
Thermage cannot stop the aging process but it can "turn back time" by removing extra skin and fat and by straightening the muscles. There are also “lifts” that are done in the neck, or Neck Lift, and here are also Lower Facelifts also Forehead lifts that shuns away creases. These are all offered in HK(Hong Kong).

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Thermage in HK (Hong Kong) - Results and Risks

The fact is, the cosmetic procedure is simple and easy and the cost is comparatively lower that the regular surgical procedures with the same effects. It is the safest procedure for face lifting today and it does not require more sessions after the first. To see the results in full bloom is to wait until the collagen fibers grow successfully. And you need not to worry about the risks. If there are, they will be temporary and of low impact.

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