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Thermacool is a new and innovative technology for treatment of wattle or the loose, sagging skin in the neck under the chin. Thermacool technique is used by the plastic surgery experts for sending heat into the deeper areas of the skin. At the same time, the top layer of the skin is cooled cryogenically for preventing the burning of the skin. This cosmetic procedure tightens the deep layers of the skin, achieving an effective result that is not possible by conventional facelift procedures. This non-invasive technique provides immediate recovery for the patient, compared to chemical, surgical, or laser treatments, in which the recover period could be several weeks or months.

Thermacool Procedure

Thermacool is highly effective for majority of the face procedures. The complete effect of a Thermacool operation would be visible in about six months. The results would last for about 2 years or more. An entire facelift with Thermacool could cost around $3,000, while specific plastic surgery procedures for particular areas of the face like jowl, cheeks, etc. could cost between $1,500 and $2,000. The Thermacool system would cost around $40,000. The tips that emit the radio frequency and provide the cryogenic cooling would cost about $200 each. The surgeon might administer a local anesthetic or mild sedation, depending on the type of face procedure being adopted.

Thermacool Technology

Thermacool uses the technology of radio frequency to achieve a welding effect. The heat and energy are applied into the deep areas of the skin tissue. Moreover, the heat could be spread over a larger surface area of around two square centimeters. A special filter is used to diffuse the electromagnetic waves. The dermis and the subcutaneous tissue are heated to about 60o Celsius and the collagens in the underlying tissues contract. Since the heat penetrates deep into the body, while the surface area of the skin is cryogenically cooled in an intense fashion, this innovative plastic surgery is a very safe cosmetic procedure.

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