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What Is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening today is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments being administered by dental care specialists in Papua New Guinea (PG). Teeth whitening is the process of eliminating stains and discoloration from teeth and it makes teeth considerably whiter and brighter.

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Here is some General Information about Papua New Guinea:

Papua New Guinea Understand

Papua New Guinea (known popularly as 'PNG') - the eastern half of the island of New Guinea (which is the second largest island in the world) - was divided between Germany ('German New Guinea') and Great Britain ('British Papua') in 1884. The Dutch had West Papua, now the Indonesia territory of Western New Guinea. Papua was owned by England but administered by Australia - and thus a colony of a colony - until Australian independence, when in 1906 it became an Australian colony. In 1914 the Australians did their part in the Allied war effort and took control of German New Guinea, and continued to administer it as a Trust Territory under the League of Nations and (later) the United Nations.

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What Are The Different Teeth Whitening Methods in Papua New Guinea (PG)?

There are a number of ways by which you can whiten yellow teeth in Papua New Guinea (PG). Some of the most popular teeth whitening methods are:

  • In Office Teeth Whitening: In office teeth whitening is carried out using a combination of high intensity bleaching gel and laser or light application. Since laser application accelerates the teeth whitening process, a noticeable improvement of up to nine shades can be achieved in an hour’s session of in office teeth whitening. In office teeth whitening can cost anything ranging from $300 to $1000 depending upon the teeth whitening system you use, the dental clinic you choose and the area you live in.

  • At Home Teeth Whitening: At home teeth whitening can be carried out using custom made whitening trays made by a dental care practitioner. Other products used for at home teeth whitening are over the counter bleaching gels, teeth bleaching pens, strips or creams, which cost less but do not provide the same kind of results as dentist dispensed custom made whitening kits. At home teeth whitening products dispensed over the counter can be bought for prices ranging from $10 to $50 while dentist dispensed at home kits range in costs from $100 to $400.

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What are the risks associated with Teeth Whitening Methods?
Like with any other cosmetic treatments, there are certain risks associated with teeth whitening if it is not done by skilled hands. There are chances of chemical burns caused by gel bleaching. There is also the risk of hyperodonto oxidation called “over bleaching” in simple terms. There have been instances of people losing their teeth as well due to poor treatment procedure. Hence, the doctors in Papua New Guinea(PG) highly recommend that you find the best dentists to do this job for you. 

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Teeth Whitening Methods - Benefits

If you use a tried and tested professionally administered teeth whitening method in Papua New Guinea (PG) for getting rid of yellow teeth and tobacco and mineral stains, you can easily get teeth that are five to nine shades whiter than what you started with. A teeth whitening can not only improve the quality of your smile by making it whiter and brighter, but can also add oodles of self confidence and self esteem to your personality.

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