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What Are Teeth Whiteners?

A teeth whitener is among the most popular cosmetic treatments available in current times in Papua New Guinea (PG). Teeth whitening can be carried out in multiple ways and you can get it done either in the office of a dentist or at home using a professionally dispensed custom teeth whitening kit or an over the counter teeth whitener. It is a perfect yet simple and affordable face procedure for those who want to improve their smiles.

Planing on having teeth whitener procedure in Papua New Guinea?
Here is some General Information about Papua New Guinea:

Papua New Guinea By boat

PNG's ports include Madang, Lae, and Port Moresby on the mainland, Kieta on Bougainville, and Rabaul on New Britain.

Who Should Do It?

Anybody in Papua New Guinea (PG) who wants to improve the quality of their smile by getting rid of teeth stains, discolorations and yellow teeth can opt for teeth whitening. However, it is not advised for children below 16 years of age and for those who already have very sensitive teeth or gum problems. It is best to consult a dentist before you try out any kind of teeth whitener.

Papua New Guinea teeth whitener - Tip of the day:
What are the disadvantages of teeth whitening?
Though teeth whitening improves your appearance, there are also certain drawbacks of this procedure. One of the primary drawbacks is that you can develop sore gums thanks to the usage of bleach. Some people also feel discomfort while wearing a mouth tray. In certain cases, teeth whitening may not remove the discoloration at all. The dental surgeons in Papua New Guinea(PG) can give you the right information you need in order to avoid risks and side effects of this procedure.

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teeth whitener - The Procedure

Teeth whiteners are available in various forms in Papua New Guinea (PG) in the market today. They can be bought in the form of gels, whitening pens, creams, strips, trays and toothpastes. In office application of a teeth whitener generally takes an hour, and most dentists nowadays use a combination of bleach based product application with some kind of light treatment. In office teeth whitening takes approximately an hour per sitting, and the results of one session can last till years if maintained properly.

teeth whitener - Risks and Side Effects

Using a teeth whitener may cause heightened teeth sensitivity in some individuals. Many people may also undergo transient burning sensation in the gums. Those having fillings and restorations may end up with technicolor or unevenly colored teeth if teeth whitening is not carried out by an experienced dental care specialist.

Papua New Guinea teeth whitener - News update:
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teeth whitener - Benefits

People with stained, brown or yellow teeth can end up with brighter smiles and teeth that are at least 5 to 9 shades lighter than what they started with.

Teeth Whitener in Papua New Guinea (PG) - Costs

Over the counter teeth whiteners are available for as less as $10 to $60 while an in office teeth whitening can cost anywhere from $300 to $1000 .

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