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What Is A Smile Makeover in Papua New Guinea (PG)?

A smile makeover is a facial procedure for improving the appearance of an individual’s smile through one or more cosmetic treatments. A smile makeover may involve a number of components ranging from teeth whitening and stain removal to teeth, gum and lip reshaping using maxillofacial plastic surgery, orthodontics and other cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Planing on having smile makeover procedure in Papua New Guinea?
Here is some General Information about Papua New Guinea:

Papua New Guinea By land

The only land border is with Western New Guinea, Indonesia, and crossing it involves some preparations but is not that difficult as it might have been. In Jayapura, Indonesia you'll find a PNG consulate to apply for a tourist visa.

Depending on your Indonesian visa there are different options to cross the border.

If you have a Visa-on-Arrival, issued to you for example at the Jakarta Airport, you can only cross the border using a boat. Boats can be rented from Hamedi...

Any other type of visa you can rent a car, or an ojek and cross the landborder.

Who Should Go For A Smile Makeover?

Anyone in Papua New Guinea (PG) who is not satisfied with his or her smile because of the shape or color of his or her teeth, lips or gums can be a candidate for a smile makeover. People with crooked, uneven, broken, stained, discolored or missing teeth, large gum lines or lip disfigurements can greatly benefit from a smile makeover, since it can not only change their appearance, but can also have a positive impact on their confidence and self esteem.

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The Smile Makeover Procedure in Papua New Guinea (PG)

While a makeover may often include only those components that you dislike about your smile, a smile makeover specialist will consider and improve upon a number of factors in order to give you the best smile possible. Some of the main components of a smile makeover process include improving tooth color through the use of tooth colored restorations and teeth whitening, alignment of crooked teeth, replacement and repair of missing and chipped teeth, gum re-contouring and reshaping of unshapely facial features using a number of cosmetic dentistry and plastic surgery procedures. The use of dental implants, porcelain crowns, veneers and bridges and braces is common during smile makeovers.

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Smile Makeover - Benefits

After a smile makeover, you get a smile as close to perfect as you can with your facial features. This definitely adds a whole lot of confidence and self esteem to those who undergo a smile makeover.

Papua New Guinea smile makeover - Tip of the day:
What are the types of teeth whitening procedures you can opt for?
There is a variety of teeth whitening procedures available in Papua New Guinea(PG). The most common ones are “britesmile whitening” which is done using a type of gel and “laser bleaching” done using whitening gel and laser light. There are many other types too, but, they are not as common as the two mentioned here. 

Smile Makeover - Costs

Depending upon the complexity of the smile makeover and the clinic you choose in Papua New Guinea (PG), the process can cost anything ranging from $3000 to $ 40,000 in the United States.

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