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Sex Reassignment Surgery in Baltimore, Maryland (MD) - General Information

Gender reassignment or sex-change is one of the more controversial body procedures in plastic surgery because of its implications to society in general. Sex reassignment is not a simple procedure that anyone can take advantage of. The truth is that before anyone can undergo SRS, he or she has to meet several criteria as laid down by The Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association.

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Is Sex Reassignment Surgery safe?
Decades of laborious scientific research and experimentation have resulted in the refinement and perfection of gender change surgery. The stumbling beginnings have now resulted in major breakthroughs that now makes it literally possible to change your biological sex in Baltimore,Maryland (MD). The best and most experienced surgeons in Baltimore,Maryland (MD) should be the ones who would perform the operation.

Sex Reassignment Surgery in Baltimore, Maryland (MD) - Who is it good for?

Candidates for sex reassignment must meet all of the following criteria:
1. The patient must show evidence of stable transsexual orientation.
2. The patient should not be suffering from any psychiatric disorder.
3. The patient must show an evidence of cross gender functioning. He or she must be able to adapt well to his/her community before the SRS recommendation is approved.
4. The body procedure must contribute to a person’s functioning (both personal and social).

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Sex Reassignment Surgery in Baltimore, Maryland (MD) - What Will you Need to Prepare?

Before a patient is finally given a schedule for the SRS, he/she must have the following documents:
1. An SRS recommendation from a psychiatrist, clinical psychologist or any professional who specializes in gender dysphoria.
2. Proof of legal standing. Those who are below age 20 may be required to submit a written consent from the parents.
3. Those who are married may also need to secure a spouse release form ensuring that your spouse/partner is informed of your decision to undergo the procedure.

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Most plastic surgery facilities would require original documents complete with signatures. You need to remember, however, that since sex-change is a highly invasive procedure, meeting the criteria and submitting the required documents do not guarantee that you will be scheduled for gender reassignment in Baltimore, Maryland (MD). It is best to consult with your chosen doctor so you can be assured of your eligibility.

Take note also that some clinics will require you to maintain your weight (taken during consultation) or your surgery might get postponed.

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