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Septorhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure in plastic surgery, which is done on the nasal septum. Septorhinoplasty is related to normal rhinoplasty but is mainly intended for persons that have nasal obstruction apart from asymmetrical shape. Hence, septorhinoplasty does the double nose job of improving the shape and size of the nose, as well as removing internal obstructions blocking the nasal passage.

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Septoplasty Procedure in Slovakia (SK)

The wall between the two sides of the nose is known as septum. This wall is normally firm but it could be bent. In a typical nose, the septum should be exactly in the middle to keep the two sides in the same size and shape. However, in many cases, this nasal septum could be slightly off-center. This would be termed as deviated septum. This could affect the breathing function. If the plastic surgery were done only on the septum, it would be called septoplasty.

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Septorhinoplasty Procedure in Slovakia (SK)

If the nose surgery in Slovakia (SK) - combines septoplasty and rhinoplasty, the face procedure is septorhinoplasty. This nose job is done to straighten the bone and cartilage. In this cosmetic procedure, the outer shape of the patient’s nose is altered and the septum dividing the two airways is corrected. The overall shape of the nose improves, the nose becomes straighter, and the obstructions to breathing are removed. Still, the main purpose of septorhinoplasty is the improvement to the airway. The septum would be moved to normal position and the shape and size of the nose would be brought into balance with the rest of the facial features.

Normally, it would take about 2 to 3 hours to perform a successful septorhinoplasty. The patient might have some amount of breathing problem for the first one or two weeks due to the swelling and bruising inside the nose. However, there would a dramatic improvement after about 3 weeks.

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