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On certain individuals, the veins appear prominently on the skin, also called as spider veins. In order to rectify and reduce visibility, these people are recommended to go in for sclerotherapy. It uses scientifically devised methods to help clot, bruise and heal veins, which will ultimately reduce the problem associated with their prominent visibility.

Before the procedure

Prior to conducting the procedure, the patient should consult a professional and analyze whether their situation requires the need for sclerotherapy. Unlike other cosmetic plastic surgeries, playing with your veins is a serious issue and should only be considered if the need arises. It is normal to see your veins on a limited scale, but patients who require spider vein treatment are only the serious cases.

The reality

The procedure is conducted by first injected the veins with sclerotherapy chemicals. Unlike other skin procedures, there is an actual injection of the chemical directly into the problematic veins. This will lead to inflammation of the vein, subsequent clotting and ultimately closure. With zero blood flow, the veins end up clotting and bruising, which should heal and consequently reduce the visibility.

After the procedure
Once the injection part is completed, it is normal for the veins to appear worse before improving. Most cases should see some amount of visible changes, while certain cases have seen very effective results. Don’t be dismayed if your spider veins don’t disappear completely. You might need more sessions.

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As with any cosmetic procedure, you will want the method to work instantaneously. But, sclerotherapy needs time and will show results only after a couple of weeks. The cost depends on the extent of your spider veins. You might need some touch up sessions to finish the procedure, which will all add to the cost. The pain levels vary, with some patients reporting minimal pain while others have complained about massive pain.

Plastic Surgery Your Procedure Procedure Animation

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