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Rhinoplasty is a nose job cosmetic procedure to bring the shape and size of the nose in symmetry and balance with the rest of the face. Not all of us get the perfect nose at the time of our birth. However, due to the advancements in plastic surgery, the nose could be made as perfect as possible if the surgeon is a skilled one. The surgeon would be able to alter the angle between the upper lip and the nose, increase or reduce the size of the patient’s nose, reshape the tip of the nose, or narrow the nostrils of the nose.

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Airplane: Many international and domestic flights arrive into the states's main airport, Baltimore-Washington International (BWI). Many air travelers to Maryland arrive at Reagan National Airport (DCA) and Dulles International Airport (IAD), both located in northern Virginia. In addition, regional flights can be booked to Hagerstown (HGR), and Salisbury.

Train: Amtrak trains arrive at stations in Aberdeen, Baltimore, BWI, Cumberland, New Carrollton, Rockville, and Salisbury.

Car: Maryland is served by several main Interstate highways, and a number of other routes enter the state. Interstates 68 and 70 are the main east-west interstate highways in the state, and Interstates 81, 83, 95 and 97 are major north-south routes. In addition, US Routes 219, 220, 29, 11, 15, 1, and 13 are major north-south arteries.

Open Rhinoplasty Procedure in Maryland (MD)

In open rhinoplasty nose procedure, the surgeon in Maryland (MD) - would administer a mild sedation or a local anesthetic to the patient. Then, the surgeon would make an incision across the columellar area of the nose and reconstruct the cartilage to alter the shape and size of the nose. Sutures would be put in place to close the incision and a splint would be set on the nose for a week so that the new shape stabilizes. When the swelling subsides, the new shape of the nose would be visible. However, in open rhinoplasty, a small scar would be visible on the underside of the nose.

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Closed Rhinoplasty Procedure in Maryland (MD)

In closed rhinoplasty, the incisions are made within the nostril and there would no visible scars after this delicate face procedure. This procedure would be the best one when artificial implants are placed inside or cartilage and bone taken from another part of the body are added to provide better support and shape to the nose. This nose job could be performed for removing excess cartilage and bone also successfully. Closed rhinoplasty nose procedure does not give the surgeon the freedom that open rhinoplasty provides. Still, many skilled plastic surgery experts resort to this cosmetic procedure as a good option.

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