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Radiothermoplasty is an innovative non-surgical cosmetic procedure in plastic surgery. This face procedure is performed for achieving younger-looking, tighter facial tissues. The technology known as thermage could be done as a facelift or for correction of deformities in other parts of the body. This non-invasive procedure is performed through radio frequency energy. This energy, when sent into the skin, mildly heats the deep layers of the skin. The heating action would result in the tightening of the deep structures of the skin. Over a period, the growth of new collagen would further tighten the skin and a youthful appearance could be achieved.

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Interstate 40 criss-crosses the state from west to east, connecting Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville and the Smoky Mountain Region. Interstate 55 is entirely situated in Memphis. Interstate 155 crosses from Missouri into northwest Tennessee, ending in Dyersburg. Interstate 24 enters from Kentucky near Clarksville, passes through Nashville and ends in Chattanooga (but not before briefly dipping into Georgia for about three miles). Interstate 65 runs through Nashville in its trek from Kentucky to Alabama. Interstate 75, coming from Kentucky, links Knoxville with Chattanooga before heading into Georgia. Interstate 81 starts at Interstate 40 just east of Knoxville and heads northeast to Bristol before moving into Virginia. In the Kingsport area, Interstate 26 runs south from Interstate 81 into North Carolina (towards Asheville), while Interstate 181 heads toward Kingsport and the Virginia state line.

There are several airports in the state. Memphis International Airport is a hub for Northwest Airlines and is served by several other airlines. Nashville International Airport is also served by many other airlines. There is air service at smaller airports at Maryville (Knoxville), Chattanooga and Bristol. Southern Tennessee is easily accessible to the Huntsville, AL, airport.

Application Areas of Radiothermoplasty in Tennessee (TN)

Radiothermoplasty was mainly developed for the treatment of skin around the eyes, necks, and jaw lines. However, the thermage technology is now used to tighten the sagging or loose skin on the upper arms. The appearance of the abdomen could be dramatically improved through this new cosmetic procedure. Women develop stretch marks after delivery. These stretch marks could be effectively removed through radiothermoplasty. Persons between the age of 30 and 60 could undergo this plastic surgery. Radiothermoplasty is suitable for all types of skins and skin colors.

Side Effects of Radiothermoplasty in Tennessee (TN)

Radiothermoplasty normally does not have any side effects, as this is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure. In rare cases, the skin might become blistered, irritated, or redden but these would usually dissipate within a few days. The FDA of the United States approved radiothermoplasty in 2002 for facial rejuvenation and it extended the approval for treatment of other body parts in 2006. As such, the radiothermoplasty could be considered as a safe plastic surgery procedure for facelift and other applications. However, patients having cardiac device implants or those using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen should avoid radiothermoplasty.

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