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Nasal tip reduction is performed by the plastic surgeon when the nasal tip is prominent and mars the facial aesthetics. The subunits of the nose are the nasal dorsum, nasal tip, nasal sidewalls, alar lobules, and the facets or soft tissue triangles. The fibrous attachment between the medial crura and the caudal nasal septum is the major support for the nasal tip. The fibrous tissue connecting the upper and lower lateral cartilages is also another important support for the nasal tip. The nasal tip should normally have two symmetric tip-defining points. The tip-defining point is generally the highest point of the nasal tip cartilages.

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Methods of Correction of Underprojection of Nasal Tip in Slovakia (SK)

In the nose procedure of nasal tip reduction, the cosmetic procedure adopted is normally interrupted or complete strip technique with reconstitution by sutures. The lower later crus that is lateral to the nasal domes is excised. Then the medial portion of the crus would overlap and it would be sutured to the lower lateral cartilage. In this cosmetic procedure, tip rotation would be achieved but maintaining symmetry would be crucial to the success of this plastic surgery.

Sometimes, the surgeon would select an open or a closed approach for rhinoplasty, depending on the complexity of the situation. In the open approach, the incision would be made across the base of the dorsum. In the closed approach, the surgeon would make the incisions inside the nose at the top area of the nose to remove the require amount of cartilage and achieve nasal tip reduction.

In certain cases, the surgeon might resort to vertical dome division for the nose job. The dome would be divided and the excess cartilage at the center of the incision would be removed. The vestibular skin would be elevated and the cartilage reconstituted with suture. If the patient is thin-skinned, tip grafts might be required for camouflaging in this delicate nose procedure.

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