Vermont (VT) Nasal Bridge Reduction

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Nasal bridge reduction is part of nose reshaping or rhinoplasty. It is estimated that nearly half a million persons consult a plastic surgeon for this subtle face procedure. Nose is considered as the most defining feature of the face. Hence, a proper correction would greatly enhance the appearance. If done by a skilled surgeon in Vermont (VT) - , this cosmetic procedure of plastic surgery would shape the nose and improve the looks.

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Nasal Bridge Reduction Procedure in Vermont (VT)

The patient would be given a mild sedation or a local anesthetic. Then the surgeon would make incisions to lift the skin of the nose from the underlying cartilage and bone framework. Since most of these incisions would be done inside the nose, they would not be visible after the nose procedure is completed. After the incisions are made, exact amount of underlying cartilage and bone would either be removed or be rearranged for getting the desired shape of the nose. Finally, the skin would be redraped over the newly created framework and the incisions closed with sutures. The patient should meticulously follow the instructions of the surgeon after the cosmetic procedure and take the antibiotic medications to avoid post-operative complications and infection.

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Technological Advancements in Rhinoplasty in Vermont (VT)

The advancements in digital imaging technology had enabled plastic surgeons to study the exact degree of deformity, functioning of the nasal structure, and the desire shape of the nose after the surgery that would give the maximum aesthetic appearance. The patient would be able to sit with the surgeon, watch various nose shapes in the compute, and decide which one is the best. The solution offered by the surgeon would be a customized one to achieve total balance to the face. Hence, this nose procedure could be performed to perfection by an experienced plastic surgeon with quick recovery and minimum bruising.

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